Now here’s a little epic I wrote some time ago for all you men and women out there…

Man and Woman

In silence they lay, post coital, after
Play, uttering small noises, which can go
One way, or another. “Hush darling” said
The woman. “Your murmurs begin to make
Me tremble in anticipation of
What is to come. I wonder, will it break
Me? Or will your words soothe me and take me
Higher?” The man grunted and turned to rest
Upon his elbow, in that arrogant
Way that men often have. “Why, woman, dwell
You `pon this hankering for entrapping
Me in doubtful words and guileful phrases?
I, yes I, am a Man. And, as well you,
A woman, should by now know, as Man, I
Must be free. Do not overly weep, Woman,
For your loss my freedom means. Now go I!

“You return so soon? Is freedom so quick
To find?” asked the woman as she relaxed
In the shade of a low tree. Strided Man
Toward her, looking, to all intents, as
If he had some purpose within his mind.
“Wizened by my troubles, and though weary
Be, I thought. And in my thinking saw I
How merciless and cruel I had been
To you. For here, alone and uncertain
Have I left you, grieving in your loss of
Me. Thus have I returned, my heart with
mercy full. Together shall we go, freedom
Our goal.” “Oh” said the woman, with some doubt,
“Wouldn’t you rather come here and lie with
Me?” With mercy in his good heart Man smiled,
“Before we go, may take you, fill of me.”

“Woman!” boomed Man, “With sex you berate me
To stay. Tell you I, that these snares of your
Body will not long hold me. Now go I
In search of freedom. Stop me and I will
Beat you.” The woman looked at Man strangely.
“You will beat me?” She asked in a tired voice.
Man with laughter roared. “Yes, beat you I will!”
“Tell me, Man” she said “with what will you beat
Me?” “Woman, do not foolish be. With hands
Will I beat you. With feet will I kick you.
With teeth will I bite you. With sharp sword will
I cut you!” With that he strode toward her.
“Wait” she cried “Oh Man, you have no sword.”
“A quibble, I need it not. Male strength shall
In this matter prevail.” “Oh Man” cried the
Woman, “You cannot see what I speak of.”

Man halted in his tracks. “Of what can you speak
That I, Man, cannot see?” With gentle voice
Spoke she: “Dearest Man, you search for freedom
With no eyes to see. You travel so far
With no feet to walk. You hit so hard with
No hands to strike. But worst of all you chew
On words, with no teeth to bite. Though both you
And I may vociferous with seeming
Intent be, from where does our intent come,
And to where shall we go? We neither feel,
Nor think, but simply play on difference
found between words. Man and Woman are games,
Played in the funniest and saddest ways.
To strike in the name of Man, or Woman,
Is the saddest game of all.” Reasoning
Man said: “This is true. I will think on it,
And then write a great book, which you may read.”

© andrew rossiter 2009