not many at the moment, I no doubt sinned last night and am now paying for those sins…
Talking of sins, I read an article this morning about the Pope’s pronouncement some time age that condoms were not the solution to AIDS, but part of the problem, and it is only through a spiritual, human awakening that we can combat this disease. Okay, neglecting the obvious question as to who exactly needs to wake up here, and that such irresponsible claptrap should really not be allowed, I allowed myself the privilege of a little theology, albeit of an extremely speculative nature…

Now what gets the Pope’s goat is all this promiscuity outside of marriage, because it’s a bit sinful. So he says that should stop and that condoms only promote promiscuity, right? On top of that, condoms are a threat to life in as much as they are contraceptives, right?

But all these people rucking around in the throws of fornication don’t first put on a condom and then say let’s fuck around. In fact, most of them say a condom just gets in the way. A real passion killer, so to speak, which I thought the Pope would be into. No, they just want to get down to it, and enter a life of sin. Now, once you’re there – in a state of sin – it doesn’t mean that there’s not worse sins out there. Killing someone is worse than sinful sex (even if only slightly). Now infecting someone with HIV is pretty much a death sentence for that person, if you ask me. So isn’t it the Pope’s moral duty to save his flock from more mortal sin?

Looking at it from the Pope’s point of view you have to agree that the pro-condom position wins hands down –

1. it’s a passion killer, forcing people to think before they, well you know…

2. it saves the wearer from the mortal sin of killing someone else – which, in anyone’s book, must count as a good thing

3. its got the added bonus of saving all those little souls from being born outside of wedlock

4. and we haven’t even started going on about reducing the suffering of millions etc. etc.

So, who’s going to tell the Pope?