Woke up this morning to grey skies painted on a white background, and so cold I couldn’t squeeze my hand-cream out of the tube. On top of that, this is my first post of the new year, and it’s not even just any new year, it’s the start of a new decade, so I’m feeling pressured to write something insightful or witty or moving, or all three, while my eyelids feel like they’ve been plastered to my eyes with super glue. This is not a good start to the morning.

Okay, let’s get the new year stuff out the way. Have a good one. My new year’s resolution – not to make a new year’s resolution because I wouldn’t keep it anyway. This is just another little device designed to keep us feeling dissatisfied with out general state of being so that we keep consuming like the mad little buying bunnies we have become. I live in a state of luxury, the only thing I need is a bit of perspective, not new year’s resolutions, to make things better! I do, however, promise to stop snarling at lonely bankers in the street. They need all the help we can give them!

And what will the next decade bring? Well, whaddya think buddy? Ya think it’s gonna get better? (I used to love Spiderman comics – all the villains used to talk like that…) Let’s see what could happen if the world were a good place:

  • Israel and Palestine could come to a long-standing cease-fire and begin rebuilding their war-torn relationship.
  • The world’s religions could engage in serious dialogue with one another eschewing repression and violence on religious grounds.
  • Russia and America could ratify the nuclear arms treaty and do away with those extremely useful weapons of mass destruction.
  • The world’s nations could come to a binding agreement about climate change which distributes the cost fairly between rich and poor countries.
  • There could be massive investment in alternative energy sources, relieving us of our reliance on fossil based fuels.
  • Rich nations could write off third world debt – without screw you conditions.
  • Rich nations could engage in fair trading with poorer nations and allow them to build up their local own economies, reducing poverty all-round.
  • Oh, and so much more…

Isn’t that nice? Isn’t it touching? Isn’t it bordering on doo la la insanity? Let’s wake up now – what will the next decade really bring?

  • There will be war and strife in Yemen, Afghanistan, Palestine, Israel, Africa, Iraq, and anywhere else where you can make a quick buck with weapons sales, stealing natural resources and repression of hapless peoples behind very high walls.
  • The world’s religions will continue bickering and sniping at each other like little children arguing over whose got the best God.
  • Russia and America will slowly rebuild their stockpiles of tactical weapons until someone has a little accident.
  • The world’s nations will not reach an agreement on climate change until Britain is sinking and Venice is no more, Beijing is uninhabitable and New York, well, let’s not talk about New York. The agreement will be enforced by Nato strike troops dressed in wellies.
  • Bankers will giggle at the amounts of money being invested in alternative energy, and be the only ones able to afford a gallon of petrol after they get their bonuses. Heating bill related suicide will be a new phenomenon in richer countries. Electrical home appliances will come with a built-in bicycle, and communal cycling for evening lighting will be a duty for all.
  • The divide between the rich and the poor on all levels will grow to extortionate levels, with the introduction of the 25 hour 8 day working week for your average unemployed labourer and rich countries only lending to poorer ones on the condition that they sign over their sovereignty, wealth and inner organs for a piddling 73% p.a. The auction of cute little third world children to worthy bankers will be the newest television hit.
  • And lots more where those came from…

Okay, okay, so maybe I had a bad hit of the winter blues this morning, well, greys.

I was disgusted this week by the inclusion of the fascist British National Party on BBC’s Question Time. Not simply by the fact that they were there, that was bad enough, but at least people got a chance to see how obsequious, kowtowing and slimy Griffin actually is in his grovelling crawl for mainstream power. No, it was the fact that British politics had gone this far downhill, allowing a blatantly fascist party to be elected, and that the mainstream parties had allowed it to get this far, that really disgusted me.

Over the last twenty-five years (and longer) all these parties have been playing up to the bigots, the fascists and racists of the country, spending billions of taxpayers money trying to solve the “immigration problem,” without one single shred of evidence to show that immigration is actually a problem. Certainly the contribution to local economies far outweighs any costs incurred. From 2004 to 2007 working migrants created more than 36 billion pounds of extra income. Which almost pays off what the banks cost Britain. Demographically Britain, like most West European countries, needs immigration to counter a declining and aging population. Europe, and Britain with it, doesn’t need less, it needs more.

But I don’t want to go on about how advantageous immigration is, but about how the mainstream politicians don’t. By “clamping down” on immigration and asylum seekers, an effort which probably costs the country a lot more than efficient fast track programs, politicians pander to prejudice rather than fight it. They help create an environment where people think it’s right to imprison innocent children and their parents because they are “illegal.” Asylum seekers, people who need help, often running from wars started by the very politicians who want to hunt them down, are criminalized. If the people who make the laws of the land do this, then it is small wonder when evil little bigots feel justified in harassing and murdering foreigners.

The next step is not so very far away. If immigration is a problem, then the people behind it, the immigrants, must be the cause. And, lo and behold, you can see it too, plain as day. All those with the wrong skin colour, please stand up, please stand up. Who can’t speak proper english (as if the English did), who don’t go to proper church (as if the English did), who speak other languages (forget it). You can see that there’s something wrong with them, or so the argument goes. Politicians supporting the bigot’s line against immigration, without delving into the issue, without treating their electorate with respect by demonstrating the complexities of the issue which does not reduce to skin colour, have supported the rise of the BNP and systematically undermined the position of ethnic minorities in the country. The fact that white people are able to believe, are left to believe, that they are in a minority, in the face of simple fact (they aren’t), demonstrates the absence of serious debate, a simple ignorance of factual truth, and politicians of all parties are complicit in both this lack and this ignorance, and have used it for their own means over the past two decades. They, and the country, are now paying the price.

But isn’t this symptomatic of the way we’ve been heading in the last two decades, anyway? Where things are so obviously going to end in disaster, but people keep doing them regardless? A veritable social Todestrieb in western civilization (if we can still call it that)? Where the vice-chairman of Goldman Sachs, Lord Griffiths can say get used to inequality, it’s the price of prosperity? What sad hokum is that? Pernicious little self-seeking bastards, trying to stash away their profit in the full knowledge that they’re still doing the same shit as before, and that if they keep doing it the banks, and us with them, will hit the wall big time, if they haven’t already. Nothing better than fucking thieves, and that’s giving thieves a bad name.

The same goes for climate change, for nuclear proliferation, and for general bad behaviour on the part of humanoids (a term I have taken from my good friend Apo). So, to cheer myself up, I read a bit of Nietzsche last night, and wrote a poem about our impending doom, which he foresaw many years ago.