Nothing much to tell, really. I just want to post a few of my stories and a couple of my poems here and see if there’s any reaction….

Oh, and I might say something unimportant now and again.

And my name’s Andrew Rossiter and I live in Hamburg and I’m still not getting any younger…

13 Responses to “about”

  1. Hi Andrew,
    Found you through blogsurfer–so yes, it does work! I’m going to add you to my subscriptions. I’m a Canadian author and poet and novice screenwriter. My blog’s a little of all that. Cheers!

    1. Thanks Heather – glad to have you on board. I’ll take a peek at your site on the weekend.


  2. damyantig Says:

    Discovered your blog on blogsurfer, liked it. am linking to you, hope that is ok…

    1. Glad you liked it, and links are more than welcome 🙂


  3. healnow Says:

    hmmmm…so I then wonder if it’s really a function of space (as in spaciousness) or rather just sensory awareness and your likes, dislikes. I think of awareness like an eye that roves, turning from inside, to out, and when it’s enrapt by something that it likes it seems to lose track of time, so maybe that’s why those that have greater awareness might have experienced the “time” of their life to a fuller extent. I can have both, be in an empty church and have time fly by, or a crowd, and the same occur. That is unless, it an umcomfortable experience, then it will drag no doubt.

    I have no doubt the internet steals time, as I can see my to do list is now left undone. So much for hunting and gathering. Time to revert to hydrolyzed chicken products delivered straight to my grocer.

  4. poietes Says:

    When I am in large, empty rooms, I always feel as if time is suspended. When I am in large, full rooms, I feel as if time drags, probably because I am claustrophobic.

    As to the whole time/space continuum, space has been radically reduced as a result of the Internet: we communicate with people all over the globe in real-time or close to it. A hundred years ago, the telegraph was considered a big turning point in closing the time/space gap. Just imagine what it will be like a hundred years from now. Mind-boggling.

    As far as stealing time, I think that such a concept is only possible if the individual has a heightened awareness of time. Myself, I am always losing time, forgetting what day it is, what the date is. Time, for me, has taken on a much more abstract nature now that I am older, but not necessarily wiser.

  5. healnow Says:

    Nice blog…I agree about the running thing (bone jarring). Although funny thing, some people may go their whole lives, other than as a child, without running. Even funnier is we don’t forget it, how to do it (although supposedly you can have better form haha). Funnier still is…I’m here and you’re, well, there. The internet haaa…

    1. Time and space – what do they mean? Thanks for the vote of confidence – always nice to have.


      1. healnow Says:

        I don’t know, but after waking and realizing it had been as though I had just fallen asleep, seems like time is more a measure of what we are conscious of. Not that things don’t change, always do, but does the man which is fully conscious of time live a longer life than the one that was unawares to it? And space. We seem to associate time with space because of the change that occurs as we are seperated and move closer. What determines space? Physical distance, communicable distance? Time itself. If it’s time, or change, well there is less space and more time than ever now with computers. Of course hunter gatherers spent less time on gathering than we do, so maybe this computer thing aint all it’s cracked up to be. Oh well, back to browsing the internet :).

      2. But have you ever noticed that if you find yourself in a large empty room, such as a church, or a courtroom time has a tendency to subjectively slow down? Similarly, on entering a small space filled with images and sensations, time subjectively rushes by, leading even to feelings of claustrophobia. This would suggest that the internet, as a radical diminishment of space, steals time rather than creates it. Or is it just me?

  6. poietes Says:

    Don’t mind at all. I’ve already taken the liberty of adding you to my own blogroll.

  7. poietes Says:

    I’m dropping in from I really like your style–free flowing, thoughtful, colorful.

    Please feel free to drop by my own writing blog if you get a chance (

    Best of luck.

    1. Hi,
      thanks for the vote of confidence, always nice to have, but it’s nicer to be able to return it. I’ve just been perusing your blog, and must say I’m impressed, both by your writing the breadth of the blog, a colourful collage of art. Hope you don’t mind me putting you on my roll.


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