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Welcome once more to the Poetry News Desk. As ever – a short introduction from our sponsor Alam:

Hmm, I think I made a mistake at the beginning of the week (apart from getting up). I enrolled at a poets forum known as poetry free for all where you basically open yourself up to merciless critique of what you thought were your masterpieces…

Now, you get to kick ass too, and it’s quite fun at the beginning digging in, but after a while you begin to wish for at least one real poem – but I have to work my way up the ladder before getting to the good ones. In the meantime I get subjected to people trying to argue that metaphors are in fact adjectives and that my critique was wrong, or I get told off my the moderators that my revisions are too quick – it takes at least three months to revise a poem in accordance with their standards! But, at least a couple gave a decent, in-depth reading of the poem I submitted.

But I’m still in two minds – it takes a lot of time writing the critiques, and it’s quite nerve-wracking having your poems subject to critique, but it must be, it must be!

STOP PRESS! Lars just sent me a copy of his new book Spurious. I am very jealous, because it has been published by a proper publisher, but I’ve still got to send him a copy of my book in return…

Anyway, enough of this waffle, let’s get down to poetry business – I made a little video of a reading of my poem Slam Poet – you can see it here:

I’ve also got a new load of microverse, haiku and tanka. You can read them here.