So now the wrangling begins. But what did anyone really expect from a set of parties short on ideas (what we used to call policies) and big on bluster? Hell, you know that Clegg can work better with Cameron than with Brown because he looks the better of the two, and is maybe a bit nicer, but in terms of ideas, let’s face it, there is nothing to pick and choose between the two. I would even go so far as to say a Tory – Labour – LibDem coalition still wouldn’t make a difference as to what’s going to happen. We could call it the bcc coalition.

So what’s on the agenda then? You only have to look across the waters to Greece to see what’s on the cards – a slide in Britain’s credit rate, market turmoil, pale faces and accusations followed by cuts, big style. And where? Well, who always pays when the going gets tough? That’s right – the poor ones – the pensioners, the unemployed, the students, the sick on the one hand, and the people who service them on the other, nurses, civil servants, teachers etc.

And what exactly will they be paying for? The massive hole in the world economy left by the banking fiasco at the end of this decade which Western governments were forced to shore up because they were too afraid to take on the banking community and reform their inherently corrupt systems.

And meanwhile, the banks are making money again…

So I’ll leave you all with a post election question – just exactly who will the future bcc coalition actually represent? Of one thing you can be sure of, it won’t be me.