I’ve just finished the last story for a planned book of short stories revolving around the theme of the uncanny – strange, dark twists befalling the lives of the characters concerned. Whoopee!

Now, of course, I am faced with the problem of what to do next. Publishers typically do not like collections of short stories, especially by unpublished (or self published), agentless authors. Most will not take direct submissions of anything. Agents, on the other hand, don’t particularly like authors without publishers – why should they, after all?

On top of this, I do not particularly like hawking myself around various publishers, especially when, in the end, I know most of them belong to one of three publishing houses, but they don’t accept manuscripts anyway, so I don’t have to worry too much…

This leaves me with a last option – to publish myself. This is becoming more and more attractive, especially the Amazon option, which, for the standard print, is free. You have to arrange your own readings, and placements in local bookstores, if possible, as well as creating an online market. But I did this with my last book, where production costs were much higher, and still managed to make a small profit (very small), but I wouldn’t expect to make much with a publisher anyway.

So, unless someone rips the material out of my hands, and insists on publishing it (of course I would say yes – it’s the Kudos, man), I guess this is the way I’ll go. Hopefully I’ll have the book sorted by April, and will start arranging local readings then (local, as in Hamburg…). Until then, you can read the latest story here.