It’s snowing again outside, and I caught a cold from my Monday run, but at least I can sit in my nice, warm, centrally heated flat, unlike the poor buggers who have to rough it on the streets (and unlike my poor wife who has to sit in the University where they have apparently turned off the heating in the afternoons in a bid to save money by freezing lecturers to death).

In Germany there’s been a discernible rise in poverty since they introduced the so-called Harz IV laws five years ago, despite falling unemployment. Homelessness is on the rise, as are the number of soup kitchens and charity shops for the poor, and yet the politicians are still talking of further reducing benefits, knowing that it’s a cheap populist theme they can always score points on. To me it comes across as obscene in one of the richest countries in the world. Anyway, I wrote a poem about it to get it out of my system, and you can read it here.