Gym Workout

Today, in my bid for the healthy life, I did a bit of weight lifting, with some sit-ups and leg raises and squats and pull-ups thrown in. Impressed? Don’t be, I’m still the same old fat bastard that I always was.

But I have been trying – been running regularly, at least twice a week, doing a bit of yoga, and swinging those weights. What I don’t do is go to a gym. Can’t stand it. I hate the thought of people watching me whilst I exercise, or even, and god forbid, that someone might come over and talk to me while I’m puffing and panting on the rowing machine, or its like. I know this hardly ever happens, but I get paranoid just from the thought of it, so, if I go to a gym, I always catch myself staring at all the other people just to see whether they’re watching me or not. This does not make for a pleasant experience. On top of that, I’m basically just a geek who doesn’t like going outside anyway, and anything I can do at home is better than going out there… So it’s no gym for me, which didn’t stop me writing a poem about, which you can read here.

Actually, I only really put on weight after I gave up smoking, which just goes to show how insidious and deadly smoking really is – even if you give up it’ll get you via your compensatory addictions…