Three’s a Crowd

Oh joy, oh joy. After nearly three weeks convalescing (my wife, alas, calls it something else) I today ventured out of my flat into the outside world. Stepping outside, I was relieved to  see that my joints and ligaments did not give way, as I feared they might after weeks of non-use. Serious muscle wastage had not set in, although, strangely, after these weeks of inactivity I have lost, rather than gained, weight. Someone explain that to me, please – weeks of jogging and I put on weight, three weeks hanging around, sorry, convalescing, and I lose it (although, probably that’s not all I’m losing). Perhaps a hacking cough consumes more energy than I thought possible, but at least it seems to be getting better. On Monday I will test the new swine flu inoculation. On Tuesday I will restart my jogging program, if I am not seriously ill from the side effects of the shot.

I took a long walk through our local zoo, to wonder at the magnificent colours, mixed with the bizarre absurdity, that the humanoid species is prepared on the one hand to invest a part of its productive energy in preserving, observing and admiring its fellow creatures, while simultaneously, systematically destroying their habitat.  It would be much better to spend the money made by zoos on protecting natural habitats, but of course, this is just wishful thinking, and if you think of the carbon footprint needed to go and visit the animals on a safari in Africa, maybe going to the zoo isn’t that bad after all. Anyway, I took some pictures to save you the bother of doing either. Aren’t they nice?

Now pleurisy (okay, okay, it was probably just a bad cold…) is no excuse for not writing, and, although I haven’t managed a poem this week, I’ve started a new story. It’s about sexual jealousy, male incompetence and other such things. It’s called “Three’s a Crowd”, and you can read what I’ve written here.