What a night, no, what a day, and what a night. Yesterday I had the pleasure of going to the Hamburg tax office to ask a few questions about filling out some tax forms. It was a remarkably pleasant experience with no queues, friendly faces and helpful answers – why do people always moan about the taxman?

I then spent the rest of the day cleaning and polishing our new glass cabinet which we picked up in an original St. Pauli secondhand shop for an apple and an eye. Honestly, there is nothing more satisfying than waxing and polishing an old wooden cabinet to see it gleam warmly back to life. I think I am mentally ill…

As if my life is not good enough as it is, I then went to watch my old friends Golden Tone Radio. A sublime set with some extra zest provided by a new guest singer. I was blown away by their performance and had started feeling sorry for the main band, but then someone poured some raspberry syrup on the ice-cream of my day. Ofrimwas the main band, and they were so good I felt sick with jealousy. The singer, Ofri, has a voice like Edith Piaf, but watching her performance is like being on acid, a mind warping experience I can only highly recommend.