We are beset by bacteria this week, my wife’s nose is running, her head hurts miserably, and because I don’t want to be left out, my asthma’s playing up too. Each day I pray that my lightly aching head will not turn into the next outbreak of swine flu, while my wife coughs in a worryingly guttural fashion. So, me being me, I wrote a couple of poems about it – one about asthma and one about sneezing.

I’ve chosen the Haiku form this time, as I think that its restrictions nicely reflect the impositions brought on by ill-health. The Haiku is a Japanese form, which the version I use, consists of three lines, the first having five, the second seven and the last five syllables. The imagery should be as visceral as possible with little or no abstraction, and at the same time should present the synthesis of two opposing states of being – I’m not sure that I really achieved that one! Still, see what you think – you can read it here.