It is hot today. Much too hot. It is so hot I am having difficulty breathing. Hell, I’m having difficulty moving my fingers across the keyboard. They slide rather than move – I can see me having to clean the damned thing once again. Did you know keyboards are the one of the dirtiest places in hte office, with more germs per square inch than on a toilet seat? It’s true. Damn. It’s still hot. I should be back on the beach, but it’s probably still windy there, so I’ve gritted my teeth and managed to add three paragraphs to my new story “A Short Trip at Sea.”

What do you mean, “only three paragraphs?” In this weather that is a fucking miracle, I am telling you. I can actually hear the blood boiling in my ears. The same thing happens when I hear Americans slagging of Obama for trying to introduce the Nazi NHS to America, but that’s another story entirely.

I am now consoling myself by looking at pictures of my wedding together with my wife. I think we are going to get divorced, just so that we can get married again….