My wife asked me what I was doing today. I answered in all honesty, I’m trying to create a creative atmosphere. She found this very amusing as I was reading the newspaper at the time, but I think reading a newspaper adds to that certain je ne sais quoi needed for the creative act. But of course this can be a serious problem for any writer – how to get inspiration for that next poem or short story or novel or even sentence. To be honest I think everything is fair game, from housework, to playing Internet billiards or going to the pub. Whatever it is, when you’re not writing you’re always trying to create that certain mood when you can start again. Okay, other people call this procrastination, but what do they know?

Getting ideas for the work is another thing, and anything will do here, from an incidental occurrence to a pastiche on a real story, or just fantasising about what you would like to have happen to you. The important part is getting it down on paper as soon as possible, otherwise it will lose the flair of originality that you thought it might have, and then edit, edit, edit and edit again. That’s the part where my inherent laziness takes over – I hate rewriting anything because it means work, although I know that it’s worth it at the end of the day.

Anyway, today I was hanging around in the loft (as I tend to do), well, actually hanging up the washing, doing a little jig to my I-Pod, when the idea for my next poem came to me – very obvious really – a pair dancing on the dance floor, with their partners in the background.