I was wandering around the Hamburg University Campus yesterday, and came up with this little ditty. Probably a bit myopic due to my old aching bones and innate jealousy of all things young…


A gaggle of students,
Macs at hand, phones to ear,
Laughter their symphony.

A single lone woman,
Bright young face frown furrowed,
Eyes in a book burrowed.

Tell me, did we do this?
Books, once revered and precious,
Today, sold by the pound.

Have you paid enough?
Knowledge, one time priceless,
Now, bartered to the hounds.

Are you vapid enough?
Reading so much googling,
analysis tweeted.

No worksheet on Ezra?
Simplicity is the rule,
The cud of Enlightenment.

Or was it always so?
Complexities of knowledge,
Kept enshrined for the few.

© andrew rossiter 2009