Just had a dose of saturday shopping yesterday, and I was so moved by the experience that I had to put it to paper. The fat girls do not refer to my girlfriend. She is not fat!

Saturday Shopping

Shop lights glaring,
Music blaring,
Colours not blending.

Fat girls posing,
Bored men watching,
Salesgirls lying.

Little boys whining,
Weary mums shouting,
Hungry girls crying.

Mirrors are tilted,
Bodies are twisted,
Does it look alright?

Chips in a cone,
Coke in a can,
Eating on the lam.

Rows and queues,
Eyes a glazing,
Choices waning.

Dusk is dawning,
Hope is fading,
The telly calling.

Rain starts falling,
Tired feet aching,
C’mon darling, just one more.

Delighted shrieks,
A dancing twirling,
The thing’s been bought.

© andrew rossiter 2009